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Writing Resources

The following links will be useful in helping you to become the best writer possible. All students, whether beginner or well-established, will find the information provided to be a fabulous tool that can be referred to again and again. Learn to correct common (and some not-so-common!) mistakes; understand the proper usage of grammar; punctuate like a pro; learn the best ways to avoid excess wordiness; and much, much more!

Resources for Academic Writing

Common grammatical errors


Comma splice & Fragment exercises

Writing Numbers

Avoiding Wordiness Exercise

Need help with ideas to write about

Paragraph Writing

5 Paragraph Essay

Basic essay writing (video)

 Writing Introductions

Thesis statements

Enhance your vocabulary




Point of View (First Person vs. Third Person) (video)


Research (video)

Research Citation Help

MLA (video) (video)

APA (video) (video)

Rules for writing numbers

Editing & Proofreading


Structure and Organization

Argumentative Writing

Business & Resume Writing

Creative Writing

Literary Analysis Writing

Poetry Writing

Speech Writing

Scientific &Technical Writing

Commas & other punctuation