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Essay Drop Off

What is the drop-box?

Simple, reliable, affordable, and no need to book an appointment, this option is extremely popular among many students. The drop-box allows students who do not need immediate assistance or a live tutoring session to submit an essay or any type of English project to a writing tutor for feedback. Students do not have to book an appointment to use this feature because they then simply place their project into a drop-box after payment and wait for a tutor to respond back. It’s fast and convenient. Once the assignment has been reviewed, the student will be notified via email. Tutors usually email responses back within 48 hours. Within the email, certain points will be outlined, including areas the student wants to focus on.

The outline will include, in most cases, (1) strengths of the writing piece/assignment, (2) area(s) needing improvement, (3) and how to enhance and strengthen writing quality overall. If there are other specified areas that the student needs to address, those areas will be outlined as well. Students may be referred to the writing resource area as it is filled with a wealth of knowledge about how to improve writing skills. Equipping all students with necessary skills, resources, tools, and confidence is the primary purpose.

How does the drop-box work?

Step 1: Determine number of pages to be reviewed by tutor.
Step 2: Proceed to the “buy now” button to pay by credit card, making sure to select the correct number of pages for review.
Step 3: Drop assignment in the drop-box.
Step 4: Check email for response from tutor; typically, response should be sent within 48 hours.

Why is it important to have a second set of eyes look over work?

It is always a phenomenal idea to have someone else glance over work before turning it in because it is common for the writer to miss minor errors. Having someone else proofread work to catch the minor mistakes shows that the writer pays attention to detail. It is not enough to have the spell checker catch all of the errors. Sometimes when writing occurs—the writer understands what the message is, but that doesn’t mean the message is clear to someone else. Proofreaders can tell the writer where the meaning gets a little hazy. Plus, once the proofreader informs the writer of a misspelled word or an unclear area, the writer still has time to fix the erroneous area before the paper’s final destination. Let’s face it, misspelled words—even small ones—make the writer look sloppy and careless.

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