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Our Tutoring Services

Writing Tutor ServicesWhether students require support in writing, grammar, or anything else English related, Werdnerd Tutoring is committed to assisting students of all levels become successful, confident writers, which is why all tutors have advanced degrees. Sessions are tailored to the student’s specific need, focusing directly on the student’s targeted area(s) of improvement. The length of each session can be selected by the student: a variety of options are available. Tutors will work with students in the time allotted to guide them through the writing project by answering questions, ensuring directions of pertinent assignment are being followed, and providing insightful resources that correlate with the assignment.
Students can book appointments in 30, 45, or 60 minute increments to work collaboratively with tutors in either (1) a live tutoring session or (2) assignment drop-off.

In either of these tutoring options, students are assigned a tutor who will work to provide an individual, personal analysis (feedback) of the particular assignment. In the analysis, higher order concerns and lower order concerns are discussed. Higher order concerns are priority when working to revise written work. Higher order concerns consist of working on the following items: thesis/focus, audience/purpose/tone, organization/unity, and development. Once the higher order concerns are addressed, lower order concerns are handled. Lower order concerns consist of: sentence structure, grammar, word choice, and spelling.

Writing can yield varying degrees; simply put, writing can come naturally to some and not quite as naturally to others. Moreover, it can be difficult for some students to revise an assignment when they do not know where to begin. These types of students may require a more hands on approach (additional guidance in certain areas) during tutoring sessions. On the other hand, students, who feel more comfortable with writing, may only need help with minor details. Whatever the case may be, students decide if they want more or less assistance from their online tutor. Tutors will assist students accordingly.

My Writing Tutors Online tutors have various educational backgrounds, they can answer specific questions, not just in academic writing but can also aid with other areas of writing too such as technical, creative, poetry, speech, and resume writing, to name a few.

The central focus of Werdnerd Tutoring is to equip all students with the skills, resources, and confidence necessary to excel when it comes to writing both in school and beyond.