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How Our Werdnerd Tutoring Works

At Werdnerd Tutoring, connecting to a writing tutor is easy. Enjoy the convenience and ease of online tutoring at its very best with an experienced tutor. There is no need to fight traffic to drive anywhere because homework help is a click away. Tutors can walk students through homework problems step by step from any computer with internet access.

Sessions are tailored to the student’s specific need, focusing directly on the student’s targeted area(s) of improvement or whatever the student feels he/she needs to work on. The length of each session can be selected by the student: a variety of options are available. Students can book appointments in 30, 45, or 60 minute increments to work collaboratively with tutors in either (1) a live tutoring session or (2) paper drop-off.

Book a Tutoring Appointment (Live Tutoring Sessions)

Students can book an appointment at any time for a live tutoring session at a scheduled time with a skilled writing tutor. Students who like to plan ahead can schedule an appointment for 30, 45, or 60 minutes at a time. Once an appointment is booked, a confirmation email will be sent to the student. A second email will be sent closer to the booked appointment with directions for the student to follow for the session. During the scheduled time, the student and tutor will connect via whiteboard technology. Whiteboard technology will enable the student and tutor to communicate in real time while sharing and discussing information with one another. There is no special, required equipment necessary to use the whiteboard technology with a writing tutor.

Essay/Paper drop off

For students who do not require immediate feedback or a live tutoring session, submitting an essay to an online writing tutor is the perfect option. This feature will allow the essay to be sent to a tutor who will work on what the student needs assistance with. Once the assignment has been reviewed, the student will be notified via email. Within the email, specific feedback pertaining to the request of the student will be outlined. Typically, in most cases, strengths, area(s) needing improvement, and how to enhance and strengthen writing quality overall will be the points of discussion.

Writing Resources

Do you have a really quick general question? If so, no need to fret. The Writing Resources section of the website is available for you. Here, find valuable information about any writing topic. Scroll through the assortment of links and videos to find the appropriate information that you need to help answer your question.