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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Werdnerd Tutoring?

Werdnerd Tutoring exists to enhance and strengthen the writing, critical thinking, and computer skills of students, from elementary to college and beyond, to make a difference in the lives of all students is of paramount importance. Werdnerd Tutoring was specifically designed to provide quality online tutoring for students who need additional assistance with English/Grammar/Writing assignments and homework.

2. Who should use Werdnerd Tutoring?

Werdnerd Tutoring is best suited for students at all achievement levels in K-12 grades as well as college students.

3. How will Werdnerd Tutoring use individualized instruction to help students?

Werdnerd Tutoring offers all new students who participate in live tutoring sessions with an assessment. The assessment allows the tutor to know exactly what the student’s strengths are as well as the areas of improvement. Areas of improvement will be the focus of discussion; this is also what the individualized instruction will evolve around, strengthening the areas of improvement. Essentially, the tutoring is customized for the student to help boost necessary skills.

4. What is the difference between live tutoring sessions and the drop-box feature?

Live Tutoring Sessions are online tutoring sessions where the student and tutor communicate and interact with one another using whiteboard technology in real time. Students get the answers to their questions immediately. If students need assistance with homework, the tutor can walk the student through the problem from beginning to end step by step, making it easy for the student to follow along at his/her own pace and ask any necessary questions.
On the other hand, the drop-box feature is for students who prefer to “drop” off an assignment into the box to be examined by a tutor. The tutor emails the student within 24-48 hours, answering the questions the student asked about the assignment. The tutor and tutee have no interaction besides via email.

5. How do I know which tutoring option (live tutoring or drop-box) to choose?

This is a rule of thumb: decide if immediate assistance is needed or if your questions can be answered via email.

If immediate assistance is necessary along with the desire to talk with a tutor in real time, you should book an appointment to work with a tutor for a live tutoring session. However, if questions do not have to be answered right away and you prefer to work with a tutor via email not in real time, not using a whiteboard, the drop-box is probably a better option. It appears that the drop-box option is fairly more popular among the college student audience.

6. What is a whiteboard?

A whiteboard is a great piece of technology; this tool makes online tutoring easy and convenient for students and their tutors alike because it affords both student and tutor to communicate effectively, both verbally and visually within the tutoring session. The tutor will send a link that the student opens and the tutor and student interact in an online environment, working on homework, practicing exercises, working on whatever is necessary for the student. Everything is all done on a computer from the comfortable of the student’s desired location (home, work, library, office, anywhere).

7. Is additional equipment needed for tutoring sessions?

No, the only necessary items needed during tutoring sessions are: (1) a computer, (2) high speed internet connection (3) webcam (optional), and (4) microphone and headset (optional)

8. Is the first 30 minutes of the session really free for new students?

Yes, new students get their first half session (30 minutes) for free when they sign up for a one hour session. No strings attached. Also, for a limited time, the assessment is also free as well for new students.

9. What typically happens during the first tutoring session?

During the first session, the first half is devoted to assessing the student’s skill level. Students will be given an assessment, so tutors can pinpoint areas of improvement that need to be focused on. The second half of the session is devoted to explaining the areas that need to be focused on and starting to work on those areas. This is also where the tutor will make a suggestion as to the number of recommended sessions. The student works with a tutor for one hour and is only charged for a 30 minute session; this is available to new students only.

10. What is an assessment?

The assessment is given to the student by the tutor; typically, it is a writing test to see where the student’s strengths as well as areas of improvement are. The tutor asks the student what he/she enjoys writing about, and the tutor directs the student to write a paragraph, essay, or whatever is most appropriate about something of interest to the student to see how the student writes and tackles written assignments. The results are discussed with the parent and/or student.

11. How will I know how my child is doing?

Upon completion of the assessment and every tutoring session, parents are notified by tutors regarding what was covered during the session and how the student performed. In addition, tips and things the student can continue to work on in-between the next tutoring session will also be outlined.

12. How do I book an appointment with a tutor?

Simply, go to the website: Then, click on the book an appointment link. Determine which available appointment works for you or your student then click the book appointment now icon. Once you have completed this, you need to make a payment using Pay-pal for the appointment that was just booked. An email will be sent notifying you of the booked appointment.

13. How many sessions are recommended?

Since every student is unique and special, this question can be answered best only after a student has completed the assessment, which allows the tutor to better determine the recommended number of tutoring sessions.

14. How much does a tutoring session cost?

There is an array of various sessions available for students to fit different needs and schedules.
For live tutoring, sessions available include (booking an appointment is necessary):

  • 15 minutes for $9.99
  • 30 minutes for $19.99
  • 45 minutes for $24.99
  • 60 minutes for $39.99

For assignment/project drop-box, pricing for this unique option is as follows (no need to book an appointment for the below options):

  • 1-2 pages for $9.99
  • 3-5 pages for $14.99
  • 6-10 pages for $19.99
  • 11-13 pages for $24.99
  • 14-16 pages for $29.99
  • 17-20 pages for $34.99
  • 21 or more pages, ask for a special price quote

15. How can I pay for a tutoring session?

Werdnerd Tutoring uses Pay-pal to process all online payments; Pay-pal is a safe, reliable, and trustworthy way to make payments. All major credit cards are accepted.

16. Does Werdnerd Tutoring offer gift certificates?

Yes, gift certificates can be purchased in any dollar amount. For more information or to purchase gift certificates, send an email to:

17. Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, if you are not satisfied for ANY reason, let us know. We will not hesitate to refund you.

18. What are the educational requirements of the tutors?

All tutors have advanced degrees in their relevant field(s) within the humanities because Werdnerd Tutoring takes great pride in equipping students everywhere with the necessary resources and skills needed to be life-long learners in the world of writing. The mission of Werdnerd Tutoring is simply to provide students everywhere with the highest quality information while ensuring students are engaged and inspired while learning the content.

19. What can tutors help students with?

Tutors can provide specialized assistance in the following areas, to name a few:

    Homework help/questions

  • Clarifying difficult material
  • Making necessary connections between concepts
  • Learning and remembering information
  • Implementing good writing/study habits
  • Focusing on the writing process before starting a writing project
  • Strengthening areas that need improvement
  • Brushing up and keeping ideas fresh from the school year through the summer

20. Are tutors available year around?

Yes, tutors are available during the summer. Hours may vary from the regular school semester hours during summer, however.

21. What is the minimum length of a live tutoring session available?

The minimum length of a session is 15 minutes available for just $9.99.

22. What is the maximum length of a live tutoring session available?

The maximum length of a session is 60 minutes available for just $39.99.
Please note: Sessions are available in 15 minute increments, from 15 to 60 minutes.