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About Werdnerd

Werdnerd Tutoring  was developed to enhance and strengthen the writing, critical thinking, reading and study skills of students, from elementary to college and beyond, to make a difference in the lives of all students is of paramount importance. This distinct difference means setting students in the driver’s seat because writing well equals the keys to success. At Werdnerd Tutoring, the philosophy is simple: solid writing, clear critical thinking, and proficient reading skills are three of the most essential skills deemed necessary in life. Most importantly, writing is an integral part of school and the real word alike, communicating via the written word, at times, can be a daunting task for students of any age. With this concept in mind, Werdnerd Tutoring was born.

Werdnerd TutoringWerdnerd Tutoring is a full-service tutoring and learning lab focused on increasing skill level and heightening confidence in the area of English/Writing. Students are assisted with anything relative to English/Writing from the comfort of their desired location whether it be at home, school, office, or anywhere in-between. Possible skills that may need enhancing include the following: the writing process, brainstorming, proofreading, identifying parts of speech, deciding about a topic, tweaking a thesis statement or discovering the revision process, to name a few. Furthermore, tutors can also help students with the following written assignments such as: paragraph writing, essay writing, research, literary analyses, cover letters and resumes, and much more.

Werdnerd Tutoring offers help in the following areas:

*English, *Critical Thinking, *Language Arts, *Grammar, *Writing, *Reading, *Study Skills

A Word about Our Tutors

All tutors have advanced degrees in their relevant field(s) within the humanities because Werdnerd Tutoring takes great pride in equipping students everywhere with the necessary resources and skills needed to be life-long learners in the world of writing. The mission of Werdnerd Tutoring is simply to provide students everywhere with the highest quality information while ensuring students are engaged and inspired while learning the content.

Access to reliable, affordable assistance with homework is a mere click away. Tutor sessions are structured around student needs. Students and tutors work collaboratively. In addition to the areas mentioned above, tutors can also provide specialized support in the following English/Grammar/Writing areas:

  • Homework help/questions
  • Clarifying difficult material
  • Making necessary connections between concepts
  • Learning and remembering information
  • Implementing good writing/study habits
  • Focusing on the writing process before starting a writing project